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Will the pants stretch with wearing? How much will they relax?

Our garments are made from Natural fibers and will indeed relax a bit with wearing, depending on the material. The Cotton Canvas will give about 1/2” all around, while the Denim will give about 1”. When the items are washed and dried, they snug up again and the process repeats.

Can I shrink my pants if they feel too big?

All of our dyed garments are pre-shrunk in very hot temperatures during their dye process, and won’t get any ‘smaller’ than they were upon first try on. If they still feel a touch roomy, we love to belt them, or to wear them loose. Comfort is key!

I bought a size [X] 2 years ago and ordered the same size in the [X] Style but they feel very tight--has your sizing changed?

Our sizing system has remained the same throughout the years, and has not changed. One thing to note is that a fresh new pair will feel quite different than a years old, broken in and well loved pair! They will eventually mold with your body and become buttery soft.

My pants have faded after washing and wearing and don't look the same as before--?

Natural fibers are not ‘colorfast’ meaning they do not hold onto their hues in the way synthetic fibers do—this is to be expected and something we embrace! If you are looking to extend the life of your pant’s hue, you can wash cold, line dry, and store them away from the sun. Dry cleaning is also an option.

Help! I had an item in my cart and now it's gone--where did it go?

Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee that an item in your cart will be available should another customer purchase them concurrently. If an item sells out, email us and we would be happy to add you to a waitlist.

How do I measure myself? Are the measurements listed for the garment or for our body?

We have an infographic you can reference to see how you can take measurements of yourself here [LINK HERE TO GRAPHIC?]. Once you measure your body, you can take a look at the measurements of the garment you’re looking at to see which best corresponds to your own. Keep in mind, not everyones will fall exactly into what’s shown as all bodies vary. If you are in between sizes, we suggest taking the next size up.

Do you provide services to re dye/repair? Can I get more buttons?

Unfortunately, we do not offer re-dying services in house. For repairs, a local tailor will very likely have the skillset to assist you in your mending. And we are glad to provide you with a few extra buttons should you need. Simply email us at, and we can set that up.

When will my order ship? Can I pay for express shipping?

We ask to please allow 5-7 business days for your order to dispatch. And, because we are a small team, we are unable to accommodate requests for expedited shipping. If you are traveling/about to head out for a vacation, please take note and plan your purchase accordingly.

My order shows ’shipped’ and has not shown progress—is it lost?

Hold tight! We are just as eager for you to obtain your JK goods as much as you are. Although our carriers are very efficient, there will be moments throughout the year when they will be slower to process/scan in, so your item may have a slightly longer journey depending upon elements which are out of our control (weather/Holidays/staffing).

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JESSE KAMM is a small family owned and operated business. We have a tiny staff, and are working hard to make beautiful clothes for you to enjoy. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to answer all questions. We appreciate your inquiry and will do our best to get back to you. If we are unable to respond, please accept our apology in advance. We do not have an internship program, and are not currently hiring. Have a wonderful day.

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