During the summer of 2016, I was with my family at our home in Panama.  The sea was deep green, the humidity was high, the palm trees dropped leaves to the jungle floor that were the most magical gold.  I brought 9 books, a Scrabble board, Connect Four, and a deck of cards to entertain me for the summer.  Each afternoon, I lounged in the hammock, post surf, and read.  One of the books was a B grade beach novel titled, "The Rocks",  It was set in Mallorca in the mid 1970's.  The imagery was vivid, and because I was in a similar climate, I could imagine the time and place with ease.  I dressed the women in my mind.  They had sweat on their temples and were drunk with the heat and cocktails. I laid in the breeze and came up with the colors and textures for SS17.  Many of my shapes were already built, but they fit in so perfectly, I wove the tale of SS17 around these pictures in my head.  I was born in the 70's, so for me everything always go back to that time... My golden era. 

Deep Sea, Caribbean Gold, Salt White, Sand, Midnight were all colors that made it into the collection.  When we photographed Drake, we wanted to present her as a woman lounging over the course of the week, bored on a holiday, in this time and place that I had imagined.  Katrina had the idea for her character to be a Faye Dunaway sort of gal.  Beautiful and Aloof, but strong and independent.  We shot in Malibu at the home of my dear friends.  A home where I have had sweat on my temples, and have been drunk with the beauty of it all since the year 2001. I fell in love on that lawn, I have swum naked in that pool, my baby learned to trot on that tennis court.   I have so many memories in the images we created, and it means so very much to me. 

 So that's the story... I hope you enjoy the visual journey that is SS17.