Subject: Thanks

 Hi Jesse,

I'm writing after looking through photos of your pants covered in elephant blood and snot, hippo drool and the beautiful red mud of East Africa.

I've just returned from a trip to Kenya with the The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to document the elephant conservation efforts going on in Tsavo National Park. We rode in helicopters to watch as a vet had to sedate and heal an elephant poisoned by poachers with an arrow, we met several large herds of orphaned elephants at a reintegration unit, we trekked in the bush with the anti-poaching units and in the same day we found a recently shot elephant and saw a day old baby. It was an emotional trip but it's a story worth telling. 

This trip was officially my vacation, though I do actually do similar work full time for humans. I used to be a modern dancer but now work with refugees at the International Rescue Committee, mainly around Africa, though I'm based in NYC.

It took me awhile to get over the seeming irony of wearing such expensive pants into the slums and refugee camps of some of the most conflict ridden and poor countries in the world but your pants are durable, repairable, and value local communities. They are decidedly unlike the rash development, constant consumption and greed that brought on the political turmoil and war ravaging most of the places I work. The pants are tough, like the women I work with and like the environments where I wear them. And they are simultaneously always professional and good looking because as an outsider, people you meet will dress their best for you, even when incredibly impoverished, and it is always important to look your best for them too. Thanks for making pants that do it all. 

Though I've lived in NYC for 15 years, I'm an LA girl originally, born and raised in Los Feliz. I admire the slow growth and values of your brand and just wanted to say thanks for making things easy to wear and work hard in.

With thanks, your fan,



Jesse Kamm