Sizing the JK Collection


JESSE KAMM is a very small company of four people, who are doing our best, each and every day.  We work with a select group of private contractors to produce our clothing in small batches, locally, here in Los Angeles, and have done so since 2005.  All of our contractors earn a fair wage, and we use the best materials that we are able to source.  We make sustainable choices, and in that spirit, have chosen to remain a small company rather than scale up in an effort to grab more of the market share.  We do not have any investors, and finance everything out of our own pocket.  Therefore, we do not have the resources/ability to serve as many sizes as some other companies may have.  We have received much feedback regarding our sizing, especially on the Sailor Pant.  Please find a brief explanation of our size range below.

We offer seven sizes in the Sailor Pant, Size 0-12.  The sizes 2-6 make up greater than 75% of our sailor pant sales.  We are a business, and in order to keep operating, we must remain profitable.  Making additional sizes is very costly, and therefore, our size range is constrained.  Our business is predominantly a wholesale business.  We sell our clothing to independent boutiques, and they in turn, sell our product to the world.  Many of our retailers do not currently purchase beyond size 8.  In response to customer requests, we first added size 10, and then followed up by adding size 12.  Additionally, to better serve our community, we are now working to add size 14 and size 16, which will be available in the Spring of 2019.  Although the larger sizes currently make up a small portion of our sales, we will continue to offer these sizes in response to our customers and fans, and we hope to see this portion of our business grow as we better represent our full size range.

The cut of the sailor pant is very narrow by design, and unfortunately, it does not work for everyone.  The pant was based on a 50's trouser that was designed for 18 year old boys, so you can understand why the shape is limiting in the waist and hips, and the fabric has little to no give which further constrains the size.  These pants do run small.  A list of measurements is outlined in our product descriptions.  We offer lots of other great shapes in our collection that work for many of our customers who find that the trousers don’t fit them. For example, The Overalls, The Jumpsuit, The Gatherer Top, The Trench, The Marine Layer, The Lake Sweater, and The Ranch Jacket are some favorites.  

We are never out to make anyone feel excluded, and I hope this helps people to understand where we are coming from in our choices/limitations. If anyone has been made to feel excluded, we deeply apologize.  We are simply a very small group of human beings trying to serve up a high quality, timeless product to the best of our ability.  We understand that bodies come in all shapes and sizes.  I can tell you with absolute certainty that no decision has ever been made at JESSE KAMM with the intention of hurting or excluding anyone.  


Jesse Kamm 

Olivia Ramsay