In May 2018, three friends and I piled into my 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser and drove East into the morning light. Six and a half hours later we turned left off the highway onto Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard, in Scottsdale Arizona. My dear friend Gilda is an architecture student at the school at Taliesin West, and she had invited us to come stay with her for a long weekend. We had been given all access passes to ramble around the 620 acre campus and grounds. Upon arrival we checked into our cabins, which had been built by former colleagues and students of Wright.

Over the course of the weekend we walked, wrote, slept, drank tequila, gave each other face massages, swam, took pictures, and became deeply enchanted by the Sonoran desert. I had never been a huge fan of Wright until this weekend. During my stay I realized that all of my heroes in architecture were hugely influenced by Frank, and he was in fact, the grandfather of American Architecture. Neutra, Lautner, and Konig had all spent time at Taliesin. The history felt palpable.

This experience will go down as one of the more influential trips of my adult life. Staying in the desert amongst his work was very touching. Taking time out of our busy lives to travel with friends, and live in the moment might feel extraneous, but I venture to bet these little moments are essential to our well being. This trip will not soon be forgotten. Frank, where ever you are, I am grateful to have gotten the chance to know you.